Dentist in Asheboro

Dentist in Asheboro

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Dentist office in Asheboro

Why settle for a dental practice that is steeped in using old-fashioned methods when you can have the benefits of technology that have led to greater efficiency, shorter treatment times, faster healing, and fewer complications? At Asheboro Family Dentistry, we are pleased to provide you with the advantages of cutting-edge advancements, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten the personal touch. For both you and your children, you can be assured that comfort and gentle treatment are of the greatest importance here.

Sure, our dentist in Asheboro offers you the basics. They’re essential to establishing and maintaining optimal levels of oral wellness. This includes twice-yearly oral examinations and cleanings, restorations, implants, root canals, extractions, and much more. But as we mentioned earlier, what sets us apart is our dedication to continuing to find the latest and most exciting innovations in dentistry and then providing them to make your experiences with us the best they can be. It starts with your examinations. Our dentist in Asheboro uses digital x-rays, instead of traditional ones. There is far less radiation, which means you and your family aren’t unduly exposed. And the pictures they provide are even more vivid and detailed, making it easier to detect any problems and address them in a timely fashion. Lasers are showing up in all phases of healthcare, and dentistry is not left out. There are various aspects of treatments and entire procedures that can be done using lasers. In many cases, you won’t even need anesthesia, because the pain is completely removed from the equation. These are exciting developments, and it is our pleasure to make them available.

While it’s on your mind, please reach out to our dentist in Asheboro¬†office and allow us to book a convenient time for you or anyone else in your family to come in for a visit, whether for initial examination or to address an existing concern.

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