27203 family dentist

27203 Family Dentist

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It’s simple enough for us to say that we offer dental care for all ages, but other practices might so, as well. So what sets us apart here at Asheboro Family Dentistry? Undoubtedly, it is our commitment to outstanding, attentive, expert, and gentle care that is focused not on the age of the patient, but his or her individual needs, preferences, and goals.

Our 27203 family dentist looks forward to seeing you, your children, and everyone else in your household two times every year for a complete oral examination and teeth cleaning. These simple sessions make for proactive care and the prevention of tooth decay and gum disease to the greatest extent possible. Furthermore, it is essential to address existing tooth decay and gum disease promptly. Otherwise, there is a significantly greater risk of toothaches, infections, and advanced gum disease. The outcome of all that can range from root canal to loss of gum and bone tissue to tooth extraction. That’s a big chance to take, so don’t. Painless dentistry is a big goal of ours, and while kids often need more in this area, it is something that matters to all ages. Our nervous patients can take advantage of sedation options offered by our 27203 family dentist . And whether your needs are for restorations, including replacement of whole teeth; cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening or veneers; addressing jaw problems like TMJ disorder; or emergency care for tooth pain or dental trauma, we’re here to help in every way we can.

Please contact our office and let us schedule a convenient time for you or another family member to come in and be seen by our 27203 family dentist. Book a six month examination and cleaning, or set up an appointment to deal with a specific issue or concern. Remember, though, that we can only do right by our patients when they come in to let us do so.

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