27203 Dental Office

27203 Dental Office

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Teeth Whitening in 27203

You’d love a winter fresh smile. Pure as freshly dropped snow. The kind that lights up even the darkest spaces. But instead, yellow chompers are what you wake up to every morning. A cruel reminder that not everything works out the way we want it to. Except…you can get what you want. And you don’t need to settle. Want to know more? No problem. All you have to do is contact Asheboro Family Dentistry and get teeth whitening at our 27203 dental office.

Hold on a second. Before jumping for joy, you’re going to want to be very honest with yourself. There’s a reason (or reasons) why your teeth have stained over the years. One of the primary culprits is poor dental hygiene. Make it a ritual to brush, floss and rinse. Not occasionally—do it every, single, day. And that’s just one part of the equation. The major contributors to stained teeth are dietary factors. The following are consumptions you’d best minimize if not eliminate altogether: colas, wines, tea, coffee, and even certain fruits and vegetables. All of these are known to dull the shine to your smile. Smoke a lot of cigarettes? That’s something you’ll also want to keep under control. Sure, you can choose to keep everything the same. But know that if you do, the teeth whitening procedure won’t be as effective and it won’t last as long as it should. To maximize the longevity of your new pearly whites, make the necessary adjustments. If you feel you’re ready to, go ahead and contact Asheboro Family Dentistry. And brighten up at that smile at our 27203 dental office.

Schedule an appointment with Asheboro Family Dentistry today by shooting an e-mail or a phone call. After that? You’ll be on your way to our 27203 dental office. A necessary boost of confidence that’ll make you the talk of the town.

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